Philly Real Estate Week Planning Meeting in Philadelphia, December 12

Date: December 12, 2017

Time: 7:00 pm

Philly Real Estate Week is a citywide, week-long celebration of real estate planning, development, investing and wealth building throughout the City of Philadelphia. Hosted by Better Than Success, this summit of events takes place during the first week of June. The week will be filled with 30+ educational, entertaining, celebratory and networking events, workshops, classes, seminars, parties, panel discussions, boot camps, real estates tours, and more. With the support of Philadelphia councilwoman, Blondell Reynolds Brown, the 1st annual Philly Real Estate Week will run June 4th-June 9th 2018 and will feature events that fall into 5 “zones” or categories: Urban Planning, Home Buying, Sales, Residential Investment and Commercial Investment.

Better Than Success Studios
2930 Jasper Street #101
Philadelphia, PA 19134


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