Experience in Tranquility

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The Last Ride

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Canon’s Being Readied at Castillo de San Marcos

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They are rising from the Dead for This

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Lighthouse St Augustine, Florida

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The Mystery & Myths of the Badlands

  The Mystery & Myths of the Badlands   Badlands National Park is not only one of the most amazing scenic spots in the world, but it is also one of the most eccentric. That area is a type of other-worldly experience, as if the land holds mysteries and myths hidden deep within the buttes. […]

The Crown of the Continent

  The Crown of the Continent   When it comes to speaking about the most beautiful places in the world, there is one name that comes up on all ‘Top Ten’ lists. In Montana, Glacier National Park offers some of the most amazing picturesque spots that anyone from a photographer to a naturalist to a […]

Darien Georgia

Exploring the Architecture of Mesa Verde National Park

  Exploring the Architecture of Mesa Verde National Park   Not only is it a National Park, but Mesa Verde is also a well-protected UNESCO World Heritage Site, being the largest and most amazing archaeological preserve in all of the U.S..   It was President Theodore Roosevelt who, in 1903, called for protection of the […]

First Peoples Buffalo Jump

FIRST PEOPLES BUFFALO JUMP, Southwest of Great Falls, MT   The Interpretive Center wasn’t open @ 8 a.m., I just drove on and found signs for the higher access to the Buffalo Jump off the rocks, over the ledge ~THE Buffalo ran and their legs, necks, backs were broken in many places and the People […]

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