The Barefoot K9 Project Scammed Parents of Disabled Children

by Denise Carey-Costa The Barefoot K9 Project in Homerville, Georgia, is an organization offering service dogs for veterans and disabled adults and children. It all sounds very admirable and philanthropic, however many clients who relied on the project have all been the victims of a money-making scam that has spanned two states. Now, the organization’s […]

Niko – The Dog Facing Execution in VA without Evidence of Wrongdoing

by Denise Carey-Costa A tragic turn in the case regarding Niko the Staffordshire Terrier in Albemarle County Virginia has animal lovers, Pit Pull Advocates, and many others devastated. The dog and his owners Toni Stacy and Audrey Wells have been living a nightmare since December 2014 when Niko was accused of killing a cat. To […]

Lucy’s Healing Journey from Cairo to the U.S.

  by Denise Carey-Costa Every stray has a tale. No matter where they are in the world, their stories all have the common thread of abuse, abandonment, and neglect. Forgotten and discarded then looked up by society as undesirables or nuisances. How many people hurry past a stray dog or cat and completely ignore the […]

Sometimes a Hero Needs a Helping Hand

  by Denise Carey-Costa Modern day news stories are filled with stories of desperation, violence and disasters. It’s not often we hear about the heroes in the world, those going above and beyond to help their fellow man and/or fellow creatures. Stephanie Fariss, a resident of Chicago, Illinois was inspired by the wonderful works of […]

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance Helping Blind Dogs Nationwide

  by Denise Carey-Costa Everyone loves a cute, soft, wiggly, wriggly puppy. Pet stores and rescue shelters bring in people weekly looking to adopt the perfect puppy or dog. But what about the puppies that aren’t born so perfect? The ones born with handicaps, deformities and imperfections. Who takes care of those dogs? Are they […]

Lefty Suffers in Lapeer County, MI as Court Case Drags On

  by Denise Carey-Costa In February of 2015, animal advocates across the nation raised their voices on behalf of a dog named Lefty that was sentenced to die on February 19th 2015 at the hands of the Lapeer County 71A, District Court of Michigan. The case was spawned by allegations that Lefty, a 9 year […]

Documentary to Explore Injustice in Cases of Dogs Labeled Dangerous

The story below is reposted here from with permission of the author. Imagine you are wrongfully accused of a crime, taken from your family home, locked up in a cage for seven months then euthanized all based on little to no evidence that you even committed a crime. The despair, frustration and helplessness you would feel would […]

Caged Dogs Suffer on Abusive Owner’s Property in VA as Authorities Refuse to Intervene

  The following story was posted to by Denise Carey-Costa and is reposted here with the author’s permission. For 5 years now, 11 dogs have been forced to live in their own filth, urine and feces, in a flea infested ‘box” at the home of Mike Thomas a citizen of Wythe County Virginia. The local authorities […]

Rochester Animal Rights Advocate Needs Urgent Help due to Serious Injury

  The following story was published on by Denise Carey-Costa and is reposted here with the author’s permission. Every now and then we meet people who keep giving to others, caring about other people and animals, putting others’ well-being ahead of their own. And one day they suddenly fall in need of help. That […]

Activists in Suffolk County, NY Speak Up for Chained, Freezing Dogs

  The following story was published on by Denise Carey-Costa and is reposted here with the author’s permission. This winter has been a horrible one for chained dogs across the nation. Their suffering has been great and many have perished in the sub zero temperatures. Through various emails and social media, we have seen […]