Looking For a Direct Selling Company With a Heart?

Looking For a Direct Selling Company With a Heart? ~by Betsy Smith   Looking for an MLM with a heart?  Check out what the Direct Selling News has to say about Nerium.  Nerium clearly takes it’s mission of “Making People Better” to heart.   Don’t let the fact that Nerium has been breaking all records […]

The Teens Drive the Tanning

The Teens Drive the Tanning  ~by Samantha Lewis The utilization of tanning salons is growing, with teens leading the way. In fact, the teen market leads the way in many areas of the health and beauty market. Without that demographic, things like cosmetics, power drinks, fashion and more, would fall in revenue as quickly as […]

The Guy Harvey Magazine: A Perfect Guide to a Stunning Ocean World

  The Guy Harvey Magazine: A Perfect Guide to a Stunning Ocean World   It is not a stretch to say that Dr. Guy Harvey is truly the modern day version of Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Whereas Cousteau was the memorable French naval officer, explorer, conservationist, scientist and filmmaker, who studied the width and breadth of the […]

Wonder What The Buzz About Nerium Is?

Wonder What The Buzz About Nerium Is? ~by Betsy Smith   Nerium International is 2 years old and their success has been legendary.  With just their first product, Nerium AD Night Cream treatment they achieved record sales of over $100 million in the first full year.  Sales more than doubled in 2013, and with the […]

Attracting ‘Interest’ With a Pin

Attracting ‘Interest’ With a Pin ~James Moore  The benefits for the business world that come from using Pinterest as part of a marketing campaign, are growing every day. This network, in fact, has proven its abilities to many businesses; it has proven that it is a social media platform that brings in the consumer. Although […]

The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships

The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships ~by Carmen Schwartz Well…that face may not actually exist except in literature and mythology, but consumers are finding out that the world of health, beauty and skincare is something that must become part of their regimen in order to save their skin.   Just as it is with […]


   BUTTERFLY ENERGY ~by Diana Lynn  Colorful butterflies surround every pothole puddle for miles along the stretch of road that connects Queen Elizabeth National Park to Bwindi. Other protected areas rich in butterflies are Kibale and Bwindi National Parks, which are also greatly forested. There were thousands of brightly iridescent colored butterflies everywhere I walked.  If […]


SPRING by Peter Brav   I’ve had enough of the white stuff Frigid, miserable bite stuff Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rudolph light fluff If I wanted frozen hands and eyes If I wanted aching shovel backs If I wanted weather weather everywhere Meteorologists warning me of sights unseen Knocking traffic, sports and other chaos From […]

ROI Increases Side-by-Side with ROR

ROI Increases Side-by-Side with ROR  Whether you are speaking about your children, your family, your friendships – the concept of ROR remains the same. In business, the concept of ROR is just as important – even more so when speaking about the business world of the 21st century.   ROR is ‘Return on Relationship’, which […]

Today’s Recipe – Polenta with Mushrooms

  by Alfredo Zotti You will need some Shiitake mushrooms. You can buy them dry at the supermarket. All you need to do is put them in some salty warm water and leave them for a while. After an hour or so, rinse them and slice them with a sharp knife. For the polenta, you […]

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