A Spademan Unearths Fear in Shovel Ready

A Spademan Unearths Fear in Shovel Ready  ~book review by Amy Lignor This tale, set in New York City in the ‘new future’, has more twists, turns, and oddities than ever before seen.   Once a garbage man working in the city, the main character now as a big ‘S’ on his chest, so to […]

A Suspense-Filled Minnesota Winter Draws Readers in to January Thaw

A Suspense-Filled Minnesota Winter Draws Readers in to January Thaw  ~ Book Review by Amy Lignor Mira James, a resident of Battle Lake, Minnesota, (a town with a population of only 747), holds the position of head librarian in the town. She is also a part time reporter and is studying to be a private […]

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of John Le Carre’s Classic:

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of John Le Carre’s Classic: The Spy Who Came in From the Cold   For the suspense lover who’s been enjoying books for a while, this 50th anniversary re-release of what many argue is the best spy story every written, will be a great sight to see. For those who haven’t […]

The Hero from ‘Wicked Autumn’ is Back!

The Hero from ‘Wicked Autumn’ is Back! Author G.M. Malliet Moves Forward in A Fatal Winter An interesting hero entered the literary world when he starred in a truly fantastic book called, Wicked Autumn. Thankfully, this very handsome Anglican Priest who has a background as a former spy is back, and this new mystery, if […]

Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina

Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina by Misty Copeland Touchstone Books Hardcover, $24.99 286 pages, illustrated ISBN: 978-1-4767-3798-0   Book Review by Kam Williams   “As the only African-American soloist dancing with the prestigious American Ballet Theatre, Misty Copeland has made history. But when she first placed her hands on the barre at an after-school […]

Unlock Your Unlimited Potential

  Transforming Pain to Power Unlock Your Unlimited Potential by Daniel Beaty Berkley Books Hardcover, $19.95 236 pages ISBN: 978-0-425-26748-6   Book Review by Kam Williams   “I grew up in Dayton, Ohio in a home scarred by addiction and incarceration. For most of my childhood… I thought chaos, bondage and sadness were the norm … My concept […]

The ‘Hillerman’ Clan is Back in Spider Woman’s Daughter

    Being the daughter of the late, great literary wizard, Tony Hillerman, Anne has followed in her father’s footsteps in a great way with this book. Her career is in reporting, as well as being a writer of nonfiction, but now she has released this debut novel featuring characters from Navajo Country that her […]

Plague Ship by Leonard Goldberg is a Thrill Ride at Sea

    A little advice: When you sit down to read this one, make sure you’re in a comfortable chair, because you will not stop reading once this thrill ride begins.   Starting out with a flock of birds soaring over the Atlantic, one of the elegant flyers begins to lose altitude and fall toward […]

Kaleidocide By Dave Swaverly Brings Back ‘Blade Runner’ Action

    This sequel continues Swaverly’s amazing work first presented in Silhouette. For those who are unaware of this technologically abundant series, all you need to do is think of ‘Blade Runner;’ a movie that proved to everyone the terrors and oddities our future may bring.   Main character, Michael Ares, is what you would […]

Dead Man’s Time: Presenting Another Peter James Masterpiece

    This author is synonymous with bestsellers, and this new novel offers even more proof as to why he’s so successful.   Beginning in the year 1922, Gavin Daly is sleeping peacefully in his room when a group of men break in, kill his mother, kidnap his father, and scare Gavin and his sister […]

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